Doyen of the Annual Geneva Escalade Race

Doyen of the Annual Geneva Escalade Race

17 December 2021 Off By Naginder Sehmi

Vincent Ulrich of Leman Blue TV found that I was the oldest runner listed in the traditional annual Escalade race of Geneva run on 4 December.   He came home with his cameraman and made a vedeo that was broadcast during the weekend escalade festival.  He was waiting at the finish line. Imagine my delight when Vincent informed me that I had improved upon my previous year’s race time. “I always run faster in pouring rain”, I remarked

 On Leman Bleu TV, Sunday 28 November 2021.

Naginder Sehmi started running seriously when he arrived in Switzerland. Arrived in Geneva to work at the World Meteorological Organization, Naginder discovered the Course de l’Escalade in 1995. At 84 years old, Naginder Sehmi will be the doyen of the 43rd edition of the Course de l’Escalade: a pride for him. In 2019, he was ranked 69th out of 71 in the men’s category VI, but not enough to discourage the octogenarian.

“Il sera le doyen de cette 43 édition de la Course de l’Escalade. A 84 ans, Naginder Sehmi va prendre le départ de l’épreuve pour la 27e fois. C’est en arrivant en Suisse, que Naginder Sehmi a commencé sérieusement la course-à-pied. Arrivé à Genève pour travailler à l’Organisation Météorologique Mondiale, Naginder découvre la Course de l’Escalade en 1995.”