Talk 12: What happened to our inner demons?

Talk 12: What happened to our inner demons?

23 October 2020 Off By Naginder Sehmi

(Image: Inner demons: worshiping industrial produce)

Who is killing Earth?

“BHG are bent upon killing me”. Earth’s these disturbing words kept Grete awake all night. “Why?” Grete sobbed. Then she remembered Earth saying, “We will talk about it later.” At the same time, she recalled what Alexander Humboldt had said more than two hundred years ago, that nature was a living whole pouring life over plants, animals, air, water, stones and humankind. It’s a web connecting everything; so where is the problem?

Inner angels and demons of human nature

Curious Grete skipped her breakfast and hastened to see Earth. Earth foresaw Grete’s coming.

“I was so happy to see you on TV last night,” said Earth hugging Grete tenderly. “It appears that more and more health-giving BHG are trying to help you fight the swarm of malign fellows. You made me feel a little better. But my fever is rising unabated. I saw that the few followers you have are mostly young, incapable of knowing their own inner demons. I wonder how they will subdue or eradicate the I-ness gene camouflaged in them now. Nevertheless, I adore you for what you are doing – trying to mutate them from inside.”

“My dear Earth, I see only darkness. PLease give me light and courage,” Grete pleaded. “You know I was a little reassured when Steven Pinker assessed that my fellow BHG have become more angel-like, fighting less, showing more kindness, becoming less greedy, more loving and charitable. But I see no good effect on your health; you are getting sicker. I have a dreadful sinking feeling. There must be something amiss in Pinker’s judgement. Only you can explain it to me.”

Hidden inner demons?

“Grete, I sympathize with your feelings. BHG’s inner demons have mutated and are hidden in another part of the body. Have you not noticed that these angel-like attributes you just mentioned apply mostly to the ordinary lot of individuals? Actually deep down they have become greedier and more egoist. Now the mighty BHG feed all the greedy individuals. This strategy has fortified the inner demons in almost every individual without them even knowing it. It is more insidious than ever before. BHG have lost the capability of correcting by precepts or example.”

“I don’t understand you, dear Earth!” Grete admitted.

“You see Grete, take the example of your own country. Not long ago, your people were self-sustaining growing their own food. Now 97% of your people do not cultivate food. They buy fine foods and everything else produced by others elsewhere, usually from far-away places. To purchase food and luxuries, you have to work for someone else to earn money. Having a job and earning money has become the primary dynamics of BHG life. Your country fellows with the entire BHG mass feel insecure and tremble when a rumour forecasts a little drop of production. The panicked BHG viciously attack and suck what little blood is left in my sick body. When I squirm with excruciating pain they even do not know.

Monstrous machines have speeded up destroying oxygenating forests. Why do you think I cough so much? My lungs are now weak. BHG use newer ways for devouring my blood. Their industrial and commercial enterprises have taken over all activities from individuals. Have you not realised that these enterprises do not have a soul? They do not have any moral or ecological qualms. They can do what pleases them to maximize their profit.

The scream of nature

You see Grete, by offering cheap food and tempting goods BHG have transformed individuals into voracious consumers. Their vices and I-ness have exploded without them even knowing it. Their inner demons have taken another form. They feel comfortable and guiltless. All this, at my cost. BHG enterprises are stealing and devouring precious gifts free from my reserves. Do you think they care about the consequences? Land is eroded, biodiversity lost, entire ecosystems destroyed, air, water and soil are polluted, water becomes scarce, and non-recyclable toxic and dangerous waste injure all my beautiful living things. I hope you understand the way I see things.”

The effort to explain all this made her breathless. Grete noticed that she was in an excruciating pain. Grete could not help crying. Before dosing off Earth managed to whisper: “I am sad because BHG are proliferating, becoming more and more voracious. Soon I’ll run out of gifts.”

Grete stood up and looked like Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream of Nature – a silent scream!“Thank you, Earth. Now I know that BHG have not changed at all. Their appetite is more insatiable than ever before. Even the lushest fields and greatest treasures will not satisfy these greedy monsters. You have been so generous with gifts. BHG do not tire of taking.”

How to kill the inner demons?

Earth picked up a little courage and said, “My bounteous nature, politics and the society of BHG form a triangle. Having learnt everything from nature, BHG have shamelessly brutalized it. They cause many other ailments besides my fever. I do not want to upset you more. You look tired listening to my complaints. Go and rest a little, dear Grete. I need you.”

“Inner demons of humans have not been mollified”, Grete hissed between her tight lips. “Pinker did not see how BHG have mutated – stealing even more from the ecosystem, burning it, starving it, decimating it, and stupidly polluting it. Their genetic loop of I-ness – ego, greed, arrogance – continues to dominate everything with brutal force disguised as liberalism, capitalism, socialism, communism, and dictatorship. All hanker for power in order to control all humans and devastate the ecosystem. I must find an antidote to kill the inner demons of human nature.” Seeing Earth doze off again, Grete departed.