Buddha’s Rock in Kenya

Buddha’s Rock in Kenya

20 August 2017 Off By Naginder Sehmi

Buddha’s Rock in Kenya

(Posted on 20 August 2017)

In March 2015 I first set my eyes on the world renowned stunningly shining Golden Rock in Myanmar (Burma). It is visited by thousands of tourists and worshiped by masses of local believers (see http://bigbangyoga.org/natures-supremacy-over-religions-and-gods/). Here is another view of the same Golden Rock I am trying to hold it in place!

Since that visit something kept pricking my brain: I have seen it before! But where? Was it a dream? It cannot be; I’m a bad dreamer

I was looking for another old picture among hundreds of packets stored in cardboard cartons. I must say, Lord Buddha led me to the picture I had taken in 1967 of the other twin rock he had set up almost as precariously as the one in Myanmar. It’s in Kenya in Bondo District near Kisumu not far from the shores of Lake Victoria. According to the geology of the area this rock must be much older than the Golden Rock; hence more sacred.

Kenya’s sacred Bondo Rock

What was I doing there in 1967? A multinational survey project of the upper Nile basin had just started. As a hydrologist I was in the area looking for a suitable site to install an automatic water level measuring station on the Yala River before it enters the swamp.

You cannot imagine how contented I feel having seen the Bondo Rock in its unadulterated natural beauty. I wonder why Buddha did not coat it with gold leaves when he knew that gold could be mined in the nearby town of Kakamega? Actually, Buddha liked nature better.

This reminds me of another similar rock on the road from Kisumu to Eldoret near Kaimosi. It is said  and I have seen it, that water has always spouted from its top. It is difficult to see its link to any groundwater below. For me it is more miraculous than the mythological  Ganges River spouting from the head of the Hindu god, I think, Vishnu!

Kenya has a great potential to attract holy tourists. It should seek expert assistance from some Lama or some Buddha’s re-carnation or a Hindu Swami who would sanctify these rocks so that devotees from Asia would flock in to worship them as well. In Myanmar, devotees believe that the Golden Rock is held in place by a relic-hair of Buddha that was brought from Sri Lanka.  They do not know that a more potent indigenous hair from a lion’s tail retains the Bondo Rock solidly in place.