Agni, the god of fire, inflicted such revenge on me in India that I thought I would never run again. (see – https://bigbangyoga.org/god-agnis-revenge/ ). A few days after returning to Geneva I tried to run my habitual 7 km. My legs refused to respond. At the finish I felt having run a marathon. It seemed that Agni had dried up my muscles and tendons
On Friday, July 30 at 6.30 pm, I stepped out of the door and felt something strange in the back of my heel. I ignored it – it has happened before and would disappear. I walked to the nearby shopping centre, hardly 300 metres away. An excruciating pain forced me to sit on a bench and rub my heel. I limped back home. It was 7 pm. I tried stretching, messaging with ointment I use for knee pains, took 500 mg of paracetamol. To no avail. I never had suffered such pain before. From experience I knew that my Achilles tendon was not broken. I rushed to Internet. It alarmed me. It must be a blood clot. My daughter rushed me to a clinic. The nurse measured my blood pressure twice before the doctor could see me. Alarmed, she said. “It’s dangerously high – 190.” “It’s normal when a pretty girl measures it. Indians tend to have above normal high pressure,” I tried to justify. “Do you have headache? Do you have chest pain?” She asked. Nothing whatsoever. She made me lie down for twenty minutes before measuring again. No change!
A young doctor examined my leg and assured me that symptoms were not of a blood clot. He made me stand up and lift my heels. No problem. Probably a tiny muscle filament had snapped that caused severe pain. It will heal by itself. But no running for ten days. However he would not release me because of my high blood pressure and told me to contact my regular doctor as soon as possible. “I feel normal. I can almost run back home,” I said. He gave me a pressure reduction medicine and made me lie down for half hour. Pressure lowered to 175, still too high. By then my heel-leg pain almost disappeared. He let me go. I promised that I would contact my doctor. The following Monday my doctor informed me that blood pressure can rise when the brain reacts to some body pain. She was right. Two days later I was back to normal.
Nevertheless, my big worry was if I would ever run again because my legs felt like dry sticks. Hot Geneva did not help either. Agni god will not take pity on a rival, a hydrologist, a meagre human being.
A few days ago the rain god, Indra, noticing my troubled spirit, freshened the air. On Friday 18 August a cool cloudy sky encouraged me to attack Agni god. See the map of the battlefield.

I won. Now I feel light physically and elated mentally my legs having run 11.50 km and I’m not feeling tired. For the first time after two months I slept seamlessly deep.



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