Where humans went wrong.

Man devised religions to conquer nature -4


Before religions we know came into being there was no God. People were all pagans. They lived happily, content in their environment. They survived because they matched their requirements with the conditions around them. Those who transgressed what Nature provided had to look for another environment or they perished.

Pagan love of Nature was direct and pragmatic. They did not conjure up deities, gods and goddesses. They were connected to the Nature like everything else. This wonderful relationship inspired spontaneous love, awe, reverence and humility – the true yoga or union. A few surviving communities deep in America and elsewhere do not need God or his religions to be materially and spiritually happy.

Since the start of  human history never, repeat never, has God nor did prayers save entire communities when they transgression the natural environment. Humans kill people after praying but no one prays to save a tree or to preserve the environment.

Humans needed a single authority and invented a tool named God that they used to justify their greed for political and material power. They beheaded the poor Nature on the   sacrificial alter. Kings, popes, caliphs and even political leaders became infallible representatives of God and exercised authority on His behalf over their own kind and on the nature.

Teachings of nature loving prophets, messiahs, gurus and now ecologists and environmentalists impart the original pagan message declaring the supremacy of Nature. Read: Bigbang Yoga: New God / Lire: big-bang-yoga: Nouveau Dieu  Sadly all have failed to free the people from hangman’s religious noose.


Comment: Kamal Phull Nature is God and and is desperately trying to survive despite human destruction of it – the flower in the tarmac, the healing of a wound, the cell and the nucleus and its wonders, the galaxy. Man is nowhere near replicating it – neither has religion.

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