Nature’s supremacy over religions and gods.

Man devised religions to conquer nature – 6


Golden Rock at sunset is a sight to behold in Myanmar (Burma). On 28 March 2015 I saw many other similar granite rocks nearby but this one happens to be precariously sitting on top of another granite and only this is the one that has been plastered with gold leaves. Thousands of worshipers continue to stick gold leaves on it and seek blessings from Buddha. They staunchly believe that the rock is held in that delicate position by a relic of Buddha’s hair that was brought from Sri Lanka.

This extraordinary phenomenon left me wonder struck with a gnawing question: “What came first, the rock or Buddha?” Read more: story & photos.

Commnets: Kamal Phull Awesome – reflects my beliefs altogether. The last line in the article says it all so clearly.

CL Bharadia Thank you so much. This article does support my deep-seated belief that Mother Nature is supreme to any religion. smile emoticon

CL Bharadia Roshni Peshavaria: I would welcome and urge you to read this article posted by one of my most respected high school class-fellow. The article supports my praise for Mother Nature rather than any particular God/s.

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