My 26th Escalade Race of Geneva 2020

I started to train earlier for the end of 2020 Geneva Escalade Race run on the first weekend of December. Then CORVID 19 struck and the race cancelled. Nevertheless, I made up my mind to run alone on the day to avoid a gap in my 26_year series. On Saturday 6 December, many enthusiasts ran the habitual three undulating rounds of old Geneva in small well-scattered groups. On Sunday at 17.00 when it was getting dark, I took off alone quietly. Not spurred by cheering crowds or overtaking other slower runners I was not using my full potential.  Half a dozen young enthusiasts passed me. At a steady non-stop pace but awfully slow I finished the three rounds (7.323km) in 68 minutes. With a happy feeling of having done it again just about a month before turning 84, not much tired, I biked home.  “Where were you? We have been looking for you?” My daughter Amita inquired at the house gate. “I went to run the Escalade.” She laughed and used the mobile to mark the occasion.

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