Talk 2: Where is the ambulance driver?


Unable to stand up, Earth is sitting huddled against a thick square pillar of the entrance of the colossal conference hall.  “I’m freezing,” moaned the shivering Earth awaiting the ambulance. “Look, I’m sweating as well. The scorching heat is killing me. Hey, don’t laugh; I’m not faking. Where is the ambulance?”

Chiefs of the entire world surround the Earth. They have come to treat her. What shame! They blatantly ignore the sick Earth. Instead each one self-righteously shows off his or her people’s regalia, strutting like a peacock.  Craftily they evade to hear sick Earth’s whimpering.   Suddenly,  Earth coughs violently. She raises her scrawny finger and speaks feebly, “Would you please break up a little and allow some air for me to breathe! Don’t you see that my coughing is shoving my guts to my mouth?”

Just then, a little blond girl named Grete stealthily broke through the circle of these supercilious folks. She  wipes the vomit dripping from Earth’s mouth with her scarf. Immediately my sick Earth reacts and whispers, “Thank you so much my lovely girl. You are the finest of this lot.”

“Why do you groan so loudly?” Curious Grete asks

“I have a splitting headache. Why is the ambulance waiting? Please tell the driver to take me quickly?”

Grete’s eyes swell with a flood of tears. She cannot restrain from sobbing. Her lips quivering, she informs, “I feel so bad and my heart breaks to tell you that I do not see the ambulance driver anywhere. None of those standing here dare even touch the ambulance less hold the steering wheel. All I can say just now is that I’ll do my utmost in thought and act not to leave you all alone.”

TALK 3  Earth’s sickness syndromes

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