Talk 17: Defective I-ness gene rectified

(Translation of a contribution in Punjabi by Manjinder Sembhi of Tajpur, a small village in Punjab, India.)

River of desires

From the beginning of existence, we humans have been occupied with alleviating our own pain and suffering. We have failed to acquire joy and pleasure. Why does the situation remain unchanged? Because a river of cravings and desires flows uncontrolled within us. The root of these cravings and desires is our I-ness and arrogance. According to Nanak (fifteenth century), our gravest disease is I-ness. It is the biggest stumbling block for achieving our objectives. Does this mean that we cannot find a cure?

Ignoring our duty towards nature

From the first day of human life, nature has furnished unasked-for gifts of air, water, and soil to satisfy our needs. The current Covid-19 pandemic has provided an eloquent vision of the status of human beings. It has jammed the human wheel. Even if only briefly, it has shown that we have made a serious mistake to place all faith in human technology that has already nearly ruined our nature’s system. To gratify our desires and cravings, we have arrogantly continued to seek more than what we need. This aggravates our I-ness disease that makes us forget our responsibilities towards nature and increase our love for acquiring more gifts. Our greedy behaviour has poisoned air, water, and soil, at the same time exterminating innumerable species of other living beings.

The way out

The only way out is to unstintingly accept nature’s set rules. This is the only treatment humans must use to save ourselves from this dreadful I-ness disease. It required only a speck of time and not a long geological era to show us how Covid-19 related lockdown has briefly strangled the I-ness of grudging humans.  As a result, the speed at which nature has resuscitated is mind-boggling.

Glorious nature swept away sticky acrid autumn fog around Delhi and millions of people recognized each other again. About the same time millions of Chinese could not believe their eyes when they saw the bright deep blue sky.  Covid-19 lockdown forced us to reduce our love of I-ness. One wonders if having forced us to give-up religious and social rituals is a part of the cure. In many parts of the globe nature speedily cleaned the air, water, and soil as well.


Without any doubt, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has validated what wise Earth-Doctors have been saying. Human beings hold the cure of Earth’s disease. We must reduce human I-ness. Can we eliminate the nasty I-ness gene of the BHG in any way other than reducing our number? Re-joining nature is the proven and tested medicine.  Can we adopt this approach after eliminating Covid-19 pandemic? Following nature’s way will enable Earth and all her living beings to breath healthily again. Let us do it.




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