Talk 15: Technology rapes nature

Devious human BHG

Human beings are smart and devious. They set up multinational enterprises of various types to penetrate nature, analyse it, exploit its abundance, and convert it into their own capital. If they encounter any difficulty, they delocalize to another place. They adapt to any type of governing system.  They use cheap slave-like labour and care little about the social and environmental devastation their actions might result. They welcome other rich multinationals and shareholders who long to be richer. Their mission is to make profit by conquering nature and commercializing it.

Nature capital

Using cheap labour of fellow humans, these enterprises extract riches from nature-capital, produce food and generate energy. They ignore that there are at present 21 million slaves or poor human labourers. This is in addition to an estimated 12.5 million slaves shipped across the Atlantic in the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. In many regions women are still not considered truly human. A handful of powerful BHG consider everything other than themselves as part of nature that exists for them to exploit. They keep the cheap forced labour content they have cleverly reduced the cost of food from eighty per cent of the household expenses to about ten per cent. The workers happily use powerful machines to rape nature. These enterprises do not care about protecting nature. Sadly they have succeeded in separating the human mind-set from Mother Nature.


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