WHO HAS MADE MY EARTH SICK? BHG – Talk 14: I-ness camouflaged!

No one can surpass BHG in the art of camouflage; not even a chameleon. There is very little remaining that they have not learnt from nature; in this way becoming superbly shrewd, reinforcing I-ness and arrogance. BHG, that is humans, use innumerable sneaky ways through their governing bodies to calm down the I-ness of individuals so that they are less tempted to fight each other. At this point in time they have failed to safeguard Earth’s ecological systems, failed to prevent self-inflicted suicidal disasters, and failed to bring about the much-needed sharing of wealth. Governing bodies at all levels are run and manipulated by powerful forces in order to manage the economy, employment, finance, industry, commerce and armament. Art and culture are the slaves of the entertainment industry. Children know and appreciate more about Harry Potter, Superman, and other fake or extra-terrestrial beings than they do about plants and birds around them. Politicians are essentially corrupt and specialize only in talking and arguing. They confirm the biblical contention: the more civilized they are, the greedier they become. I agree with Jonathan Swift’s conclusion, “I should never have attempted so absurd a project as that of reforming the Yahoo race in this kingdom: but I have now done with all such visionary schemes for ever.” He wrote that in 1727 BHG are as virulent as ever, if not more.

I do not wish that Grete reads my pessimistic vision. On the other hand, if my fellow beings would read these lines and hopefully change for the better, that would certainly help Grete’s great effort.

Let’s return to the inner devils of human populations. The powerful forces have set up innovative production and commercial enterprises to supply plentiful affordable consumer goods and services, thus satisfying the basic needs of virtually all humans. The inner devils of individuals in some parts of the world might have diminished, but they have exploded elsewhere frighteningly. The inner devils now lodge with colossal enterprises that do not need to observe any morally and ethically correct way of functioning. In order to produce consumer goods, supply and sell them to individuals with profit, they plunder nature. The most demonic facets of human I-ness operate in the form of a colossal wheel that continues to grind in order to:

  1. Provide jobs so that individuals can consume more and satisfy their need and greed;
  2. Exploit natural resources to produce consumer goods;
  3. Generate profit to expand production, provide jobs and satisfy the ever-greedier needs of the exploding human population.

This colossal wheel represents the aggregate of individual human greed that has mutated into national and multinational I-ness. This wheel grows continually, progressively choking the entire ecosystem. I do not wish to be a witness to sick Earth being unable to breathe anymore. Will Earth-Doctors ever develop a vaccine and use it to get rid of the killer BHG?

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