Talk 13: Becoming human again


Human robots

Grete has just returned from Brussels utterly disillusioned. She saw the European Union parliament adopt a new law intended to protect the environment and hopefully reduce Earth’s fever. Actually the law increased funding for agriculture only. Hoping to calm her nerves, she listened to a conference given by a French philosopher, elegantly dressed in a chic orange-yellowish suit. “Becoming human again through meditation without frills,” he announced his topic articulately. “It’s not the fault of human beings that they are becoming less and less human,” he asserted. “Some dictatorship has crushed and turned poor humans into subservient robots. We are now cogs and variables in an infernal soulless machine.” Becoming very sullen and meditative, he continued, “It’s the machine that is destroying the Earth and the basis of life of the human society.”

Return to nature

The philosopher implied that human BHG are absolutely innocent. This infuriated Grete. She grimaced, stiffened her jaws and muttered through gritty lips, “Who made the machines? Who is the dictator? Who has set up the machine?”

Humans have always been humans, fighting and conquering nature. They direct their humanism to fellow humans and not to safeguarding nature. This type of humanism has never diminished. Grete quite upset raised her voice, “Becoming human again does not make any sense. Yes, returning to nature does. Give up humanism. Don’t become human again. Return to nature. Be like fish and flow with water; be like birds and fly in the air. Stop devastating nature!” She took a short breath: “This is the real solution. I feel being swallowed up by the darkness of human I-ness; I see no light.” Clenching her teeth, she uttered a short piercing scream of nature, “I will not give up!

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