Association of Former WMO Staff, Bulletin 5, November 2006

If you don’t use it you may lose it


In April 2004, aged 67, I was fitter than I had ever been, having run my first half-marathons and looking forward to many more. My total UN health insurance reimbursement for 2003 was zero.  Then disaster struck.

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Amicale des Anciens de l’OMM, Bulletin 5, Novembre 2006

Si vous ne vous en servez pas, vous risquez d’en perdre l’usage


J’avais 67 ans en 2004 et j’étais au mieux de ma forme après avoir couru mes premiers demi marathons d’autant plus que j’espérais participer à beaucoup d’autres. Le total de mes remboursements par l’assurance maladie s’élevait à Zéro pour 2003 ! Mais catastrophe !

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Le Temps, Genève, la Suisse, mercredi 21 septembre 2005

La seule aide valable à l’Afrique est la création d’emplois

Ancien expert de l’Organisation météorologique mondiale en ressources en eau, responsable de projets en Afrique et en Asie, dénonce le mécanisme de l’aide à l’Afrique.

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World Affairs – The Journal of International Issues,
VOLUME TWO. NUMBER THREE, July September 1998

Facing the future: breathing new life into the UN system

The “UN family” suffers from serious shortcomings and a major overhaul has been long overdue. Although there has been an acute lack of media and public participation in this unprecedented reformation the question is can these organisations be revived and will the proposals for reshaping the United Nations and its specialised agencies meet the challenges of the twenty-first century?

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World Affairs – The Journal of International Issues, JUL – SEP  1998  VOL  2   NO 3 (pages 108 –129). Book Review

For a trong and Democratic United Nations: A south perspective on UN reform
(London & New York, South Centre, Zed Books Ltd, 1997; pp 229)

The South Centre is an inter-governmental Organisation of developing countries. The Centre has prepared this book with the help of many internationally known experts.

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