“You have a chakra, wheel, under your foot,” my brother often remarked. My life was fated to travel within my country, Kenya and then in the world at large. My professional duties took me to more than eighty countries some quite remote in those days, like Papua New Guinea and Mongolia. The most enjoyable and memorable journeys were those that took me back to the nature requiring physical effort, if not struggle. There is no better guru, teacher, than the nature if one’s eyes and ears are prepared to tune in. Our capacity to learn is the limiting factor; the nature is inexhaustible and infinitely generous. My first attempt to become an author was to describe one such travel. More I traveled the more my skill to absorb and learn from nature improved.  The travel logs included in this section indicate my progress in writing proficiency. A few of these travel logs are included in my book TWISTED TURBAN (2013, Memoirs Publishing, UK).

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