From Stonehenge to Marseilles

It’s 7.00,19 October, 2016, I step into the empty pedestrian street with many small restaurants with shutters still down. Turning left towards the nearby old Port I witness the bright full moon in the blue grey sky that the sun has not yet succeeded to dim. The strong mistral whipped the sea and soon kept me cool when running along the sea front. The fishermen have-not returned yet. I feel that streets and the vast quai are there only for me and a few others some joggers like me. I head for Saint Jean Fort that defends the entrance to the port on the northern shore .

In the background are Fort Saint Jean, Notre Dame and Mucem (photo by Karin Nyffenegger)

Next to it is the ultra modern museum exhibiting Marseilles from Paleolithic times to the present. The previous day I had seen joggers circling the cubic building. Drawn to imitate them I do the same and then climb the steps to Notre Dame de la Major. Having covered about 6 km I return to my apartment sweating profusely. After breakfast I discover that the mistral will not allow the ferry to take us to the Isle of If , made famous by Alexandre Dumas in his Count of Monte Cristo. I am unable to copy-paste here my jog track map from my mobile. You can see it in the FB,

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