I had encountered the spirit of Stonehenge on the Island of the Celts (now England) in October 2016 ( ). It
foresaw my intentions and where I was going and  landed on the Pacific coast before I. May be it was there and everywhere all the time. How could I  know? , Well, I continue to encounter coincidences as I always did before. The day I decided to see San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge I learnt that GGB was inaugurated also in 1937. I felt a deep sentimental affinity towards it. I got a feeling to celebrate our 80th anniversary intimately.  Instead of using a car and running over it in two minutes, I rented a bike and started peddling towards it.

SanFransisco-1 (26)

Apparently the Stonehenge spirit embodied the bridge. It did not like me meeting him  even riding a bike.  He made the rear tire of Karin’s bike come off the rim so that I approach him more respectfully on foot.


We walked up the hill to his level and found a replacement bike at the Visitors’ Center. On a bright and windy day I showed my affection by feeling his sidebar then leaning frequently over it to see the Pacific Ocean flowing under it. I touched his mighty impressive cable passing over stalwart cable-supporting struts. They are so high; to see the top my aged stiff neck took some strain.

We cycledSanFransisco-1 (52) across the bridge zigzagging through sightseers avoiding other bikers and frequently stopping to takes pictures, hoping that no one else has pictured him before from our angle of view  We descended to Sausalito, the ancient fisherman’s port now accommodates yachts of the rich and boats of the poor. Visitors go there to see the spectacular skyline of San Francisco city. We crossed the Bay on a ferry that enabled us to see Angel Island from close and the varying views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the prison island of Alcatraz. From the city harbour we biked and stopped to see the famous Wharf 39 inhabited by roaring cantankerous sea lions.  .


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