Twisted Turban, a multi-stringed novel, based on author’s own life centres on a heart-rending story of Twisted Turban - Naginder Sehmihardship and unfulfilled romantic love in a caste-based society. Full of humour and keen observation, it provides an unparalleled insight into the lives of Sikhs in India and the Asian diaspora across Africa, Europe and America. At the same time he deals with problems of today’s society never ceasing to wonder at the cynical and often gullible cultural and religious assumptions.

Naginder Sehmi, a Kenyan-Swiss, now lives in Geneva, Switzerland having served in a specialised agency of the United Nations for 27 years in the field of water resources. He started as a teacher in Kenya and became a hydrologist in the Ministry Water in 1965. As an intellectual and an academic, he has has spent much of his life exploring and challenging the borders between eastern and western cultures and the frontiers between science and spirituality.

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Contributor to the book HYDROLOGY OF DISASTERS 

The Hydrology of Disastrous Scan_20150121 (2)Floods in Asia – An Overview


THE HYDROLOGY of disastrous floods in tropical cyclone and monsoon countries of Asia is changing rapidly. A high rate of economic development is becoming increasingly ‘intensified’ and ‘localized’ both in terms of cause and effect. For thousands of years flood disasters have been associated with the plains in the middle and lower reaches of the major rivers which now accommodate approximately half the population of the world. People here have known their rivers for centuries and have tamed them to an extent that they no longer appear to cause direct major disasters. Feelings of security from floods have increased population pressure beyond any expectations. This has led to the development of land and water resources beyond what is desirable, at the expense of shrinking forests, eroded pastures and polluted rivers and lakes. Traditionally, protection measures are geared to floods in large rivers, whereas the major flood disasters now occur in densely populated areas in small river catchments. A Persian proverb aptly describes the problem: ‘In the ants’ house the dew is a flood’. (Continue Reading:)


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