God Agni’s Revenge

Learning under 50°C in Tajpur village, Punjab
Canadian marriage in Colombo, Sri Lanka

God Agni’s revenge, 4 June 2017
Agni the god of fire is reving up the temprature with vengence. Yesterday it was 44C, Just now at 17.00 it is 50C. He has cut electric power supply indefinitely to stop my newly installed AC in my house in Tajpur my village of origin in Punjab.
It looks that Agni was preoccupied with world’s climate problems. It’s understandable when he, rather she, had to handle difficult persons like Mr Trump. Naturally she did not notice me, a retired hydrologist, launching a campaign of elevating drought in some parts of the world, of course with the help of the hidden hand of rain god Indra.
In January my daughter called, “ You’re a hydrologist, do something. It has not rained for six years in California. People are suffering.”
No sooner had I set my foot down the rain god appeared in full splendor for three weeks. California’s thirst was fully quenched . But god Indra became over enthusiastic and caused floods, innudations and  stopped me driving along the picturesque Pacific coast route by causing landslides blocking the road at the most scenic points. He made us go inland and to spend the night in the well known university town of San Luis of Obisipo. Then I drove along the inland highway to Monterey and turned  south again. Besides watching the wonderful beauty of marvelous sites I landed in the house of the famous writer Henry Miller,(Tropic of Cancer) still in its original form. Californians were pleased with Indra.
For a petty excuse I landed in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 13 May. Monsoon rains were hesitant to arrive, may be I was slow to show up. I saw angry sea beat against the shore furiously. After celebrating the marriage of Jassi, a Canadian/Kenyan Sikh to Caroline, a Canadian Sri Lankan Tamil, both newly graduated medical doctors I joined twenty five mostly ex-Kenyan Sikhs a guided tour northwards to Anunradhapur. The rain god pursued me. Pre-monsoon rains struck Colombo area early with considerable violence. Two days later he caused floods and deaths.

Like you I started to suspect that I was the cause of all that good and bad.
My landing in Bengaluru (Bangalore) was scary. A powerful gust made the plane swing and jump before straightening coolly. Was that a foreboding. No sooner I started to drive with cousin Harmandir forty-five kilometres to his house it started to rain cats and dogs. Traffic came to standstill. It took us more than two hours to reach home. Trees had been uprooted , electric lines cut, roads blocked, and a lot of damage to property. The unexpected can happen in tropical regions. I enjoyed the salubrious clime of Bengaluru with a trip to the hill station of Medikeri in the Coorg tribal region.
In the meantime, Agni god was furiously preparing to undo the makings of the hydrologist. He was waiting to inflict a special torture. I knew 37 C waited me. From plane approaching Chandigarh I was happy to see white clouds flowing with my plane. I felt reassured somewhat, the rain god Indra was going with me. I recounted my story to my host.
“we do not expect any rain yet. Monsoon is far away” he said.
Miracle. Next morning we received a very refreshing rain and the temperature dropped to tolerable level. I thought I still had hydrologist’s luck and Indra supporting me. That rain shower was only to hoodwink me.
In Tajpur it is still 50C. What luck my AC is working hard to keep the room less warm. I dare not go out lest Agni god himself might grab me and melt me to nothing.

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