Running Geneva Semi-Marathon

Geneva Marathon2016Geneva Marathon 2016 – in memory of Nirmal.
Geneva Marathon started 12 years ago. I run the half marathon. I missed it in 2010. This year I did not wait until the last day before enrolling with the good intention of training hard. You know what humans are like. Other attractions, temptations and not ill-health emerged stronger – just trained enough to stay fit. A day before the race (Sunday 8 May) I received the sad news of passing away of my dear cousin-brother Nirmal Sohal in Pune, India. How lovingly he took care of me every time I visited India. I have lost a precious link. The sorrow almost turned into a bad excuse for me to drop out of the race. Running across the green countryside under a hot sun was exhilarating up to the half mark. Then my legs became heavier. Memory of Nirmal kept me going and I crossed the finish line after 2h 42min, just a few steps faster than last year. The scale indicated that I weighed 3 kg. less. The wise say that fatigue is an excellent cure for distress and depression. It worked. It gave me the courage to talk to Nirmal’s wife, Amrit and his two younger brothers. Thank you Nirmal.